Friday, February 23, 2007

Latest Article: Gray Hair Remedy: Is There Such A Thing?

G Marwick

Many of us will experience the onset of Gray Hair as we get older. It will happen at different times and can start as early as in our 20's.

None of us want to go Gray but we have to accept some of us will at some stage be affected by it. Your hair will go Gray for several reasons:

•Heredity: If there is a history of family members going Gray then you may find you will follow and go Gray as well.
•Smoking can cause your hair to go Gray.
•Lack of B12 and Omega 3's in your diet.

So how do we go about finding a remedy to combat the onset of Gray Hair? There are a few options open to us. The first is diet. A lot of what we eat contributes to how our bodies produce healthy producing cells in our hair. As Gray Hair is usually dry and brittle it may be that you are not eating properly. As mentioned before the lack of B12 and Omega 3's are major contributors to your hair going Gray.

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