Saturday, February 17, 2007

Latest Article: Combating Anxiety: The Alternative Way

Tony Robinson

Perhaps you break out into a cold sweat when you have to
deliver a talk before a group of people. Or perhaps you become
nervous when you have to take a test. There are certainly
numerous causes for anxiety. Similarly, there are a number of
treatment options for those afflicted with the illness. If you
don't like the idea of medication, you might try an alternative
approach to battling your anxiety.

It is estimated that nearly seven percent of Americans suffer
from anxiety and panic disorders. While prescription drugs are
routinely offered as a remedy for such illnesses, they can be
dangerous if administered over a long period of time. Some of
the more popular anxiety drugs include Diazepam and Wellbutrin.
However, increasingly, Americans are turning to alternative
medicines in an effort to soothe their anxious feelings. In just
the last decade, the demand for alternative medicine has
skyrocketed 300 percent. This is partially the result of the
fact that many alternative medicines offer relief from symptoms
without the side-effects linked to prescription drugs. It should
be noted, however, that natural remedies are not meant to be
long-term treatments, although they can offer relief in the

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