Thursday, February 15, 2007

Latest Articles: Home Herbal Migraine Remedies

Brian B. Carter, MS, LAc

This is one of my favorite topics! Wanna know why?

Because I've suffered from migraines for 2 years, and my unique position as an herbalist and acupuncturist has allowed me to learn about and experiment with a number of home migraine remedy you may not have heard of.

Chinese herbal medicine is still new and unknown to most westerners. I've found some effective solutions from China that few people know about.

And now I get to share them with you!

On this page, I'm going to talk exclusively about home migraine remedy - if you want to read more about migraine symptoms, causes, and acupuncture, check out my previous articles:

What is a Migraine, anyway?
It's more than a headache. It's a neurological configuration - any number of symptoms can show up, and more than one thing can cause it.

It's as if you tend toward this neurological configuration, called migraine - like you're already on the edge of it, and certain things can push you over.

Or, it's like you're filling a water glass, but you can't stop pouring, and it overflows. In this analogy, the water is all the factors that cause your migraine, and the overflow is the migraine itself.

How do you stop the Migraine tendency?
The way to prevent it is to balance the imbalances that lead to migraine. Your home migraine remedy should take care of at least one of these imbalances.

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